Friday, September 21, 2012

The indifference of Casillas in Cristiano Ronaldo goal

Everyone in the Bernabeu exploded with the goal of Cristiano Ronaldo, or almost. "All but the irreducible Casillas.

A camera located at the foot of the field caught the reaction of the Real Madrid goalkeeper Casillas, who been inactive, impassive and serene. The whole stadium stood up to celebrate the Portuguese goal but Casillas remained standing, hands on hips, showing no sign of celebration.

 The goalkeeper of Real Madrid had conceded two goals, the latter of which represented that the 1-2 was in 84 minutes, just five before the Cristiano goal.

The first was scored by Dzeko and gave the impression that Casillas was badly beaten. In the second, he was caught in a cross kick from Kolarov who hit Xabi Alonso tricked him.

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